iKARERE - Te Wai Māori Trust - February  2014
Māori Fisheries Conference and Hui-a-Tau 2014

Te Wai Māori Trust has written to the Ministry for the Environment with suggestions on how to improve proposed amendments to the National Policy Statement for Freshwater Management

Our submission focusses primarily on the implications that the proposed amendments will have on Māori interests in freshwater fisheries.

We acknowledge that the management of freshwater has ancillary effects – on coastal habitats and the interests that iwi have in marine fisheries. The integrity of the Māori Fisheries Settlement is something that needs to be protected through appropriate management of fisheries and their habitats.

The proposals within the National Policy Statement affect the future wellbeing of these fisheries and consequently iwi taonga.

Wai Māori supports the overall approach to establish set objectives, implement minimum standards and develop practical measures to improving water quality in Aotearoa. At the same time it is important to acknowledge and take ownership of the problems around water management, and work to reduce our impact on the environment at an appropriate level. Balance is needed, and the time has come to make changes.

You can download our submission here, or email Doug Jones at Te Ohu Kaimoana for more information.



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