Māori Fisheries Conference - Register Now

The Māori Fisheries Conference for 2014 is now open for registration.

The theme for this year’s conference is ‘Connecting Iwi and Energising Business’.

Iwi quota ownership makes up a significant and influential proportion of New Zealand’s Seafood Industry, which contributes almost $1.6 billion to the economy. The last few years have illustrated the difficulties that individual iwi face when managing their quota assets. Changes in the wind forecast even greater challenges in the future.

Working together collaboratively will bring major benefits to iwi fishing businesses, domestically and internationally. The individual iwi goal of maximising returns from fisheries assets, without losing sight of the origins of the Settlement and our responsibilities to each other, can be better achieved through collective action.

Our conferences over the last few years have focussed on the export opportunities available to iwi fishing businesses, and the time is ripe to focus on matters closer to home.

We have an excellent line-up of speakers and will be publishing our conference programme soon. But don’t miss out on a seat.

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