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Now that the election is over, the country can get back to the business of business.  We look forward to working with the newly elected Government and its support parties, the next Minister for Primary Industries, as well as all Māori MPs.

There are some changes occurring for Sealord in Nelson. The company is moving past the losses of 2013 linked to its exit from the Argentinian operation and will pay a dividend for the 2014 financial year. It is in stable financial shape. As Sealord continually adapts to ongoing challenges faced by industry, the company has announced some proposed restructuring of one of its three Nelson-based factories. Our article in this edition of iKarere gives the details.

Te Ohu Kaimoana staff recently attended the first anniversary of Prepared Food’s new facility at Palmerston North.  The factory really is state-of-the-art manufacturing and should play a major role in the growth of AFL.  The company is going through an exciting time.

The first of October marks the beginning of a new fishing year, as well as a new financial year for our organisation.  We will be publishing the 2015 annual plan on our website shortly and expect to have our annual report for 2014 out to iwi before the end of the year.  We will also keep iwi informed of developments related to the 11 year review on our review website.

Happy fishing!

Ngā mihi,
Te Ohu Kaimoana (Māori Fisheries Trust)

Sealord Streamlines Nelson Factory

Sealord Group Ltd will “streamline” its Nelson wetfish factory as part of efforts to improve the company’s ability to remain competitive in a challenging business environment.

The changes could mean the loss of up to 97 permanent jobs, a mix of processing and salaried staff, at the Nelson factory as Sealord looks to reduce the level of operations and number of people working there.

Sealord Nelson Factory

In announcing the move, Sealord’s newly-appointed Chief Executive, Steve Yung, and General Manager Sealord Fishing, Doug Paulin, said that Sealord is in stable financial shape and has moved past the losses of 2013 linked to the exit from Argentina.  They confirmed that Sealord will pay a dividend to shareholders for 2014.

“We continue to invest in processing in Nelson, and we are optimistic about the growth of our fresh fish business.  However, we do have to continue improving and adapting to meet the ongoing challenges of rising costs, globally flat white fish pricing and a high exchange rate,” they said in a statement.

“In its current form, the wetfish factory is not economically viable.  We need to make improvements now to ensure Sealord’s ability to grow and invest in its operations in the future as we increase our focus on fresh and chilled products.”

Sealord proposes that it will run a smaller wetfish operation focused on higher value products. The move will not affect other land-based factories nor the company’s sea-going factories and fishing crews.  The wetfish factory is one of three land-based factories owned by Sealord in Nelson.  The redundancies will make up approximately 13 percent of the total permanent shore based and sea-going workforce based in Nelson.

AFL Says “Kai Ora”

Prepared Foods Ltd, a division of Aotearoa Fisheries Limited, has recently celebrated its first anniversary in its new, state-of-the-art production facility in Palmerston North.

To celebrate, they unveiled “Kai Ora”, a locally created sculpture of the company’s logo, which illustrates its core business and what it stands for, says Prepared Foods’ Chief Executive Dean Moana.  

The steel sculpture, sited outside the entrance to the factory, depicts a bowl, representative of the universal symbol for food as well as Prepared Foods’ role as a processor and supplier of food products.  A stylised paua represents Māori ownership and the koru symbolises new beginnings, growth and innovation, presented in different varieties of blue that demonstrate the business’ origins and links to the sea.

Prepared Foods was established in the 1960s as a pioneer paua business.  Today, it is the largest processor and exporter of paua in New Zealand.  The new factory has given this innovative business room to grow.  With their continued expansion into the ready-to-eat meals category, Prepared Foods needed space to increase capacity.  “The past two years have been a busy time for our team, with the factory build and moving into new premises.  Our first year has been full of diverse and exciting challenges,” Dean says.

AFL Says Kai Ora

PFL SCULPTURE: AFL management and local MPs celebrate the unveiling of PFL's food bowl sculpture: From left, PFL Chief Executive Dean Moana, Labour MP Iain Lees-Galloway, AFL director Alan Gourdie, National Party MP Jono Naylor, AFL Chief Executive Carl Carrington and AFL Chairman Whai Dewes.

Update: Quota Share Offer

Quota Share OfferTe Ohu Kaimoana and Aotearoa Fisheries Limited have received a hugely positive response to the Quota Share Offer put to iwi in July this year.  You’ll remember that Te Ohu Kaimoana, Aotearoa Fisheries and Sealord purchased Auckland company Anton’s Seafoods’ deepwater quota and the Mount Wellington factory last year.

To meet the timeframes for that deal, Te Ohu Kaimoana purchased a $5 million parcel of quota shares in FMA1 largely made up of Orange Roughy but included squid, alfonsino, ruby, cardinal fish and some other stocks.  The quota shares were purchased solely as a means to provide iwi, through their Asset Holding Companies, a more considered opportunity to invest directly into this fishery.

There has been an excellent response from iwi and, as a result, the available parcels of shares have had to be scaled down to meet the demand.  Aotearoa Fisheries has been in touch with participating iwi and we will soon finalise the transaction.

Global Fisheries Scholarship - A Year In Japan

Te Ohu Kaimoana will soon open up for applications for the 2016 Global Fisheries Scholarship, providing the opportunity for a committed, hard-working individual to spend 12 months working at global seafood company Nippon Suisan Kaisha, Limited (Nissui) in Japan and to be immersed in Japanese daily life.  Nissui is our 50 percent partner in Sealord.  We will send out notification via our newsletters when applications are open, and will have all the necessary information on our website.  Check out our 2015 Scholar here.

A Year In Japan

Seafood Bites

Review of Fisheries Settlement structures – The Māori Fisheries Act 2004 provides for a review after 11 years of operation to assess the effect of the governance arrangements of Te Ohu Kaimoana (the Māori Fisheries Trust), Aotearoa Fisheries Limited (AFL), Te Putea Whakatupu Trust, and Te Wai Māori Trust.  Tim Castle has been appointed as the Reviewer.  More information is on our website here

Sealord Sustainability: There’s a lot of great informative material on Sealord’s sustainability site. Download their infographics on Sustainable Hoki, Sustainable Orange Roughy, and Protecting the Seabed.

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