Fisheries Matters in the Lower North Island

Wednesday 24th August 2011, Wellington

The purpose of this workshop was to provide an opportunity for iwi to obtain information on a proposal to subdivide Paua 2, and to discuss the potential implications and next steps.

The workshop also provided information about the Rock Lobster Management Group, as well as other current fisheries management issues.

The agenda and relevant presentations are set out below.

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Comprehensive notes from the workshop presenters and participants can downloaded here (113kb)

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Item 1: Proposal to Subdivide PAU2


Presented by Jeremy Cooper

  • Paua Industry proposal to subdivide PAU2 QMA
  • Questions and answers

Download Jeremy's presentation (1,801kb)


Presented by Tony Craig

  • Paua 2 Association IWI Forum Presentation 2011

Download Tony's presentation (326kb)


Presented by Kirsty Woods and Alan Riwaka

  • Te Ohu
  • Open discussion
  • Where to next?

Download Kirsty & Alan's presentation (294kb)

Item 2: National Rock Lobster Management Group


Presented by Alan Riwaka

  • An overview of the National Rock Lobster Management Group (NRLMG)
  • Iwi representation on the NRLMG?
  • What will work for Iwi?

Download Alan's presentation (202kb)



Item 3: Ministry proposals to reduce customary allowances


Presented by Tania McPherson

  • Ministry proposals to reduce customary allowances
  • Options for improving customary catch data

Download Tania's presentation (188kb)

Item 4: Other matters


Presented by Laws Lawson

  • Foreign Charter Vessels
  • Changes to inshore industry organisation
  • Topics from iwi

Download Laws' presentation (2,107kb)

Item 5: An overview of the day