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10 December 2010
Management of Southern Bluefin Tuna (PDF - 422kb)
Submission addressing Total Allowable Catch (TAC) levels and sector allocations for Southern Bluefin Tuna (STN1) as set out in the Ministry of Fisheries Initial Position Paper. We agree with the proposals to increase the commercial shares in both the short and medium term in conjunction with a change to the fishing year.

Marine and Coastal Area (Takutai Moana) Bill (PDF - 3MB)
Here you will find our provisional submission and presentation to the Maori Affairs Select Committee which provides our responses to recommendations on the Marine and Coastal Area ( Takutai Moana) Bill.
- Presentation - 8 December 2010 (PDF - 310kb)
- Provisional Submission - 19 November 2010 (PDF - 3MB)

5 Novemeber 2010
Draft Standard for New Zealand Fisheries Science Information

(PDF - 2.57MB)

The Ministry of Fisheries is developing a research standard for best practice in relation to the quality assurance of science information where it is intended or likely to inform fisheries management decisions.  We consider the implications for Maori and iwi as potential research buyers and providers.

12 October 2010
Submission in reconsideration of measures to manage fishing related threats to maui's and hector's dolphins (PDF - 903kb)
The Ministry of Fisheries is considering extending an existing set-net ban on the West Coast of the North Island from 4 to 7 nautical miles. We believe the Ministry’s proposal will adversely affect Maori fishing businesses which may suffer unfair economic setbacks if the proposal goes ahead. Here you will find our submission.

12 October 2010
Submission on population management planning review
(PDF - 528kb)
Here you will find our submission is in response to The Department of Conservation (DOC) who are revising the Population Management Planning (PMP) provisions of the Wildlife Act 1953 (WA) and Marine Mammals Protection Act 1978 (MMPA) in order improve legislation that aims enable the recovery of any threatened marine species. We believe that the scope of this review far too narrow and see that the option of removing the provision for PMP requires serious consideration.

4 October 2010
Marlborough Sounds Amateur Blue Cod Fishery
(PDF - 464kb)
Our response to the Ministry of Fisheries review of the Marlborough Sounds’ Blue Cod fishery. Recognising the important need to address fishery depletion and that there is effective commercial fisheries management we argue that it is recreational fishing that requires ongoing constraint.

23 August 2010
Ministry of Fisheries internal guidelines on implementing regulations under section 186 of the Fisheries Act
(PDF - 1.25MB)
We are aware that existing customary regulations may not meet all the needs of hapu and iwi effectively. We propose a process to identify how those needs might be better addressed.

17 August 2010
Kahawai stocks (KAH 1, 2, 3, 4, 8, 10) for 1 October 2010

(PDF - 70kb)

Our submission to MFish. We consider the lack of evidence of sustainability concerns with Kahawai stocks. There is no basis to change the TACC beyond the status quo at this time.

4 August 2010
Patagonian Toothfish (PTO1)
(PDF - 47kb)
Our views on the Initial Position Paper from the Ministry of Fisheries on the Patagonian Toothfish for the 2010/11 fishing year commencing 1 October.

28 July 2010
Bladder Kelp harvest management
(PDF - 251kb)
Our proposed recommendations for Bladder Kelp harvest.

13 July 2010
Measuring fisheries sector performance
(PDF - 251kb)
The Ministry of Fisheries sought advice on developing indicators intended to help MFish, tangata whenua and stakeholders evaluate performance against Fisheries 2030 outcomes.

2 July 2010
Sea-Right Investments Ltd: Application for Exemption from Quota Aggregation Limits
(PDF - 312kb)
Our views on consultation paper released by Ministry of Fisheries relating to an application from Sea-Right Investments for an exemption from Bladder Kelp quota aggregation limits.

25 June 2010
Return on Kina to Sea
(PDF - 244kb)
Ministry of Fisheries proposal to allow commercial fishers to return kina to the sea after being landed on a commercial fishing vessel. Kina is an iconic stock and of significant cultural value to iwi.

18 June 2010
Management Options for Basking Sharks
(PDF - 597kb)
Te Ohu Kaimoana responds to the Initial Position Paper.  We hold reservations about this IPP. A detailed explanation is contained in this submission.

30 April 2010
Foreshore and Seabed (PDF - 4MB)
Submission to Ministry of Justice - Reviewing the Foreshore and Seabed Act 2004

19 April 2010
Bladder Kelp Seaweed (PDF - 1MB)
Submission to Ministry of Fisheries on Bladder Kelp Seaweed, Macrocystis Pyrifera (KBBG)

16 April 2010
Introduction of Patagonian Toothfish into the QMS on 1 October 2010
(PDF - 260kb)
Te Ohu Kaimoana supports the Ministry of Fisheries’ proposal and the addition of the toothfish to Schedule 5 of the Fisheries Act 1996.

22 February 2010
Surf Clams (QMA2 and QMA3)
(PDF - 251kb)
The TAC for surf clams should be increased. The estimates for each species are extremely conservative and based upon lower confidence levels. In addition, we recommend a review of the TACs and allowances within the next five years.

12 February 2010
Increase in TAC for Southern Bluefin Tuna (STN1)
(PDF - 560kb)
Te Ohu Kaimoana supports the decision to increase the current TAC of Southern Bluefin Tuna to 532 tonnes  and to remove current provisions that provide for the carry forward of under fishing of Southern Bluefin from one year to the next.

5 February 2010
CRA3, CRA4, and CRA 7
(PDF - 898kb)
In December 2009 the National Rock Lobster Management Group released an Initial Position Paper on sustainability measures for CRA3, CRA4, and CRA7. We are a member of the NRLMG and supported the positions taken by the group as a whole.

15 January 2010
Patagonian Toothfish (PDF - 335kb)
Submission to the Ministry of Fisheries on the introduction of patagonian toothfish into the QMS

22 July 2009
Marine Protected Areas (PDF - 895kb)
Submission to the Sub-Antarctic Marine Protection Planning Forum on the “Implementation of the Marine Protected Areas Policy in the Territorial Seas of the Subantarctic Biogeographic Region of New Zealand”

19 May 2009
Foreshore and Seabed
(PDF - 203kb)
Submission to the Review Panel by Te Ohu Kai Moana Trustee Ltd - The Foreshore and Seabed Act 2004

29 April 2009
Resource Management (Simplifying and Streamlining)
Amendment Bill
(PDF - 118kb)
Submission to the Local Government and Environment Committee on the Resource Management (Simplifying and Streamlining)
Amendment Bill
Click here to view presentation notes (PDF - 90kb)

6 April 2009
Ministry of Fisheries - Treaty Strategy (PDF - 79kb)
Submission to the Ministry of Fisheries (MFish) on the “MFish Treaty Strategy - Building better input and participation processes”

5 February 2009
(PDF - 131kb)
Submission to the Primary Production Committee on the Aquaculture Legislation Amendment Bill (No2)

27 February 2009
Emission Trading Scheme
(PDF - 196kb)
Submission to the Emission Trading Scheme Review Committee

23 January 2009
Freshwater Management (PDF - 131kb)
Submission to the Board of Inquiry, Sustainable Water Programme of Action, on the Proposed National Policy Statement for Freshwater Management

March 2008
Whale Bone
(PDF - 132kb)
Submission to the Dept of Conservation on the Domestic Trade in Whale Bone from Whales Stranded in NZ and a Framework for the role of Maori in the Management of Whale Strandings

24 October 2007
Hector's and Maui's Dolphins
(PDF - 150kb)
Submission to Dept of Conservation and MFish on the Hector’s and Maui’s dolphin threat management plan

10 October 2007
Exclusive Economic Zone (Word - 123kb)
Submission to the Ministry for the Environment on Improving Regulation of Environmental Effects in New Zealand’s Exclusive Economic Zone

28 February 2007
Shared Fisheries
(PDF - 150kb)
Submission to the Ministry of Fisheries on Shared Fisheries

17 November 2006
New Zealand Coastal Policy (PDF - 2.2MB)
Submissions to the Dept of Conservation on the review of the New Zealand Coastal Policy

17 August 2001
Ocean Policy
(Word - 134kb)
Submission to Ministerial Advisory Committee on Oceans Policy on Ocean Policy (Stage One)