Iwi Working Group

Te Ohu Kaimoana wants to ensure that iwi are well informed and prepared for the Special General Meeting (4 June 2015, Wellington), when iwi are expected to vote on the recommendations made in the review.

To facilitate understanding, the board of Te Ohu assembled a small working group of people with experience in the many facets of the Settlement to consider the report and prepare useful information for iwi to consider. The group is working to set Terms of Reference. (PDF 188kb)

Over the last few weeks, the IWG has analysed the recommendations and considered them against a set of principles used as a basis for assessing their merits against the existing governance arrangements. Those principles were:

The legislation governing the response to the report is very tight. Iwi are expected to understand the implications of the recommendations before voting at the Special General Meeting. The IWG has, with the assistance of Te Ohu staff, drafted a working paper for consideration by iwi. Download a copy here.