MŌ Te Ohu - About Te Ohu


Te Ohu Kaimoana (Te Ohu) was established by the Māori Fisheries Act 2004. Its legal name is Te Ohu Kai Moana Trustee Limited.

Te Ohu is the corporate trustee of Te Ohu Kai Moana Trust – the trust responsible for advancing the interests of iwi in the development of fisheries, fishing and fisheries-related activities.

Te Ohu's primary role

In its first five years, Te Ohu's main role will be administrating, allocating and transferring settlement assets to mandated iwi organisations.

It will also establish and monitor the performance of Te Putea Whakatupu Trust, Te Wai Māori Trust and Aotearoa Fisheries Ltd (AFL).

This will involve:

  • classifying new quota shares
  • assisting iwi and iwi organisations in various ways
  • mandating of iwi organisations
  • appointing directors on AFL and approving any activities outside of fishing or fisheries-related activities.
  • appointing directors to the corporate trustee of Te Putea Whakatupu Trust and approving its annual business plan
  • appointing directors to the corporate trustee of Te Wai Māori Trust and approving its annual business plan.

Te Ohu's ongoing role

After iwi have received their initial settlement assets, Te Ohu will continue to administer new quota brought in to the quota management system and supervise quota sales.

In addition to this, Te Ohu will play a vital advocacy role on behalf of Māori. Te Ohu will aim to provide a central voice when any legal reforms are proposed that relate to either the seafood sector, or ownership/management of marine and freshwater environments.

Te Ohu's board

Te Ohu Kaimoana is governed by a board of seven directors.


Further Information

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