Kaimoana Strategy Workshop 2
Tuesday 18 May 2010

2nd Kaimoana Strategy Workshop for AHC Directors & Managers, and MIO Representatives and Managers - Tuesday 18 May 2010 - Copthorne Hotel, Wellington

Click on presenter to view PDF of presentation


Recap of Kaimoana Strategy
- Peter Douglas (click here for PDF - 172kb)

Integrated Settlement - integrating Iwi commercial & non-commercial interests in Fisheries
- Kirsty Woods (click here for PDF - 283kb)
- Tania McPherson (click here for PDF - 441kb)

Improving Iwi Input into Fisheries Management
- Laws Lawson (click here for PDF - 2.25MB)
- Alan Riwaka (click here for PDF - 2.25MB)

If fish is so expensive, who’s making all the money?
- Jeremy Fleming, Aotearoa Fisheries Limited
(click here for PDF - 77kb)

- Steve Tarrant, Moana Pacific (click here for PDF - 77kb)
- Graham Stuart, Sealord (click here for PDF - 212kb)