The October 2019 Sustainability Round has commenced with Fisheries New Zealand’s release of their consultation document.

In order to provide Mandated Iwi Organisations with the adequate time needed to provide input for this process, please click here to see a summary table of the proposed options and a background of each stock.

Please consider this the first step in consultation during this process. From here, we intend to acquire a sense of Iwi positions on these stocks, and continue consultation moving further into the round.

Please feel free to comment in the spaces provided in the summary table, and send to us via email to:

We would also like to facilitate workshops for stocks of particular significance. Please notify us of your interest in this and which stock or stocks in particular would be preferable for this approach.

If you have any questions or comments about the content of this pānui, please call or email Tamar Wells, on 027-700-2321 or

Please see below for stocks under review for this sustainability round. Please note there are 21 items for review below.

TarakihiEC TARReduction
0% 31%, 35%
28N rights in TAR2. Our Rebuild Plan being included as option in IPP (no TACC change with additional measures). Current catch levels are moving stock toward BMSY as per requirements of the Fisheries Act.
Options do not portray the actual cut on the east. 35% is actually 50%
Option 1: Status Quo
Option 2: TACC10%
Option 3: TACC 20%
Option 4: TACC 30%
28N Rights, Minister has approved PAU4 Plan for shelving (40%)
Red snapperRSN1+2Increase/reallocation
Reallocate 60t from RSN1 to RSN2
Information on stock status unknown. Potentially one biological stock
Choke species – 60-tonne reallocation would solve deem values from overcatch
Option 1: Maintain Status Quo OR
Option 2: Increase TAC and all sectors by
20% OR
Option 3: Increase TAC and all sectors by
21 iwi in the QMA, important kai species and taonga. One quota owner owns majority of quota 20% iwi-owned. 2 non-settlement quota owners.
Option 1: TAC 13%
Western Stock: 22%
Option 2: TAC 20%
Western Stock 33%
Shelving in place, stock assessment update this year. Stock assessments vary (either B0= 29% or B0=56%), FNZ using the pessimistic one. Proposing a cut on the West (splitting East and West is a measure conducted by industry, technically only HOK1 ACE exists).
FNZ propose that shelving in place of a TACC change may have effect on HOK1 MSC certification.
Orange roughy(ORH3B)Increase
Proposed adjustment to TAC, TACC amongst sub QMA areas.
Year 2 :~10%

East and South Chatham Rise.
Year 2 :~15%
Year 3: ~17%
Management procedure 2018 generous increase, half taken precautionarily. Other half this year.
Orange roughy(ORH7A)Increase
Option 1: Status Quo
Option 2: TACC 29%
Option 3: TACC 38%
Option 4: TACC 52%
Straddling stock. Stock at 47% (upper range of harvest level).
Increase of 30% would mean no change next year. 38% this year would mean a decrease next year, the same for 50% with a larger decrease. Based on the model predictions and Harvest Control Rule.
Option 1: Status Quo
Option 2: TACC 52%
Option 3: TACC 100%

Option 1: Status Quo
Option 2: TACC 100%
28N Rights in SKI7. Science supports increasing biomass for both stocks
2018 Review
Option 1: Status Quo
Option 2: TACC 38%
Option 3: TACC 55%
Option 4: TACC 73%
Sustainability risk, B0=17%
Can be avoided (not a choke species)
SnapperSNA7Not includedError in allocation needs to be amended. Following up with FNZ managers. Stock 38% and increasing.
Option 1: Status Quo
Option 2: TACC 10%
Option 3: TACC 20%
~$1 mill being paid in deemed values each year. Usually more than 10% overcaught.
South Island TrawlELE7, GUR7, JDO7 SPO7Increase all
GUR7 and SPO7: 10% and 20%
JDO7: 10%
ELE7: Set a TAC
GUR7 Rec: increase 50%
Being increased as an assemblage although options are separate for each stock.
GUR7 proposal based on NPS, does not align with allocation principles.
JDO7 – 2018 Review
SPO7 – 2018 Review
ACV reportingSnapper, tarakihi, scallops, Add to reporting list, expanding coverage from some stocks to all stocks. Compulsory reporting of estimated weightRecreational reporting, Management to allowance, treatment of ACV fleet as commercials.
Deemed ValuesListed below are stocks proposed to have deemed value change please refer to the consultation document for further details.
Silver warehouSWA3,4
Jack mackerelJMA7
RubyfishRBY5 +6