About us & our purpose

Te Ohu Kai Moana Trustee Limited (Te Ohu Kaimoana)

Te Ohu Kai Moana is a charitable trust established through the Māori Fisheries Act 2004. The Trust is managed by a Corporate Trustee, which is tasked with acting as the eyes, ears and mouthpiece for the collective interests in fishing and fisheries-related activities of the recognised 58 iwi organisations.  In doing so, it works with AFL and Sealord and the wider industry to ensure sustainability of the fishery resources.

Our purpose

Te Ohu Kaimoana was established to advance the interests of Māori in fishing and fisheries-related activities and to return valuable fisheries assets and funds from the Settlement to iwi organisations. The Trust is managed by a corporate trustee, Te Ohu Kai Moana Trustee Limited which is central to administering, protecting and enhancing the Fisheries Settlement to ensure that funds are delivered to iwi and ultimately all Māori. Te Ohu Kaimoana has been structured to ensure the fisheries settlement endures for future generations of Māori and maintains robust accountability to its constituent iwi shareholders, who have collective responsibilities to all Māori.

Te Pūtea Whakatupu Trust

Te Pūtea Whakatupu Trust is also a charitable trust.  It promotes Māori education, training and research.  It provides scholarships to a variety of trade and academic programmes, and supports Māori social and economic development by providing leadership in education, skills and workforce training.

Te Wai Māori Trust

Te Wai Māori Trust is also recognised as a charitable trust.  It was established to advance Māori interests in freshwater fisheries, and funds research, development and education initiatives related to freshwater fisheries and their habitats. The trust further promotes the protection and enhancement of water bodies that support populations of freshwater fish.