Draft response to the Māori Affairs Select Committee on the Māori Fisheries Amendment Bill (MFA Bill)

24 Poutū-te-rangi 2023

As mentioned in last week’s pānui, below you can find our draft response to the Select Committee on the MFA Bill with an accompanying cover letter.

We welcome your feedback before Wednesday 5 April 2023.

This will provide our kaimahi with the time to implement your feedback into our final response, which is due to the Select Committee by 13 April 2023.

Download Cover Letter (PDF)

Download Draft Response (PDF)

When we undertook our review of the MFA Bill, a number of issues arose that we consider may be of interest to Iwi. We have highlighted these issues in in the cover letter (accessible by clicking the download button above above).

We also want to encourage all iwi to actively participate in this process, and to make submissions on matters of particular interest or concern to your iwi.