Iwi Decision Register as defined by the Maori Fisheries Act 2004

The Iwi Decision Register uses the Māori electorates (as directed by the Māori Fisheries Act 2004) to define which Iwi fall under each electorate. The purpose of the Iwi Decision Register is to provide a record of:

  1. the recognition of Mandated Iwi Organisations,
  2. the approval of the constitutional documents of Mandated Iwi Organisations,
  3. the approval by Mandated Iwi Organisations of the constitutional documents of their asset-holding companies and of any subsidiaries of those asset-holding companies,
  4. any changes to the criteria or requirements that apply to Mandated Iwi Organisations and their constitutional documents made in accordance with section 18,
  5. determinations on coastline entitlements or interim coastline entitlements made under clause 10A or 11 of Schedule 6,
  6. the allocation of settlement assets to each Iwi,
  7. the transfer of those settlement assets to Mandated Iwi Organisations or asset-holding companies, and
  8. any transfer of settlement quota made in accordance with Part 4 that results from a sale or exchange.

Mandated Iwi Organisation (MIO) – when a recognised Iwi organisation has met the governance criteria set out in the Māori Fisheries Act it is entitled to receive fisheries assets as the mandated Iwi organisation for that Iwi. There can be only one mandated Iwi organisation per Iwi.

Asset Holding Company

An asset-holding company required by section 12(1)(d) must—

  1. be and remain wholly owned by the Mandated Iwi Organisation that established the company,
  2. have constitutional documents that comply with section 17,
  3. receive and hold, on behalf of the Mandated Iwi Organisation that owns the company, for so long as they are to be retained, all settlement quota and income shares allocated by Te Ohu Kai Moana Trustee Limited to, or otherwise acquired by, the Iwi under this Act,
  4. provide dividends solely to the mandated iwi organisation owning the asset-holding company, and
  5. not undertake fishing or hold a fishing permit.