Aotearoa’s Customary Fishing Management Tool

IkaNet is an online customary fishing management tool, created for kaitiaki, whānau, hapū and Iwi. IkaNet is 100% Iwi owned.

IkaNet has been developed to enhance the capability of kaitiaki and Iwi to manage their fisheries and exercise their customary non-commercial and commercial rights. IkaNet enables kaitiaki to generate digital customary authorisations which can be sent to the applicants mobile phone, tablet or computer. The web based platform allows kaitiaki to share catch information with other kaitiaki and making coverage of their entire rohe easier.

The intellectual property of data input into the system is owned by Iwi, who determine who has access to it. Data is stored on secure servers. It supports kaitiaki to make informed decisions in managing their customary fisheries with real-time data.

IkaNet weaves together two strands of customary fisheries, customary authorisations and pātaka.

Customary Permits

IkaNet provides kaitiaki with the platform to generate digital harvest permits for customary purposes, with informative catch effort from within their rohe to assist with fisheries management.


IkaNet provides kaitiaki with a facility to fill, manage and distribute pātaka kai with the help of a commercial partner – Licensed Fish Receiver (LFR).


Customary Permits

Create and issue e-fishing permits.

Pataka Tool

Use the pataka tool to manage the harvest, storage and supply of kaimoana to marae and Iwi members for hui and tangi.

Fisheries New Zealand Authorised

Incorporate harvest information from kaitiaki issued under Fisheries New Zealand authorisations.

24/7 Access

Conveniently access IkaNet from anywhere over the Internet 24/7. Restrict access to Iwi information to authorised users only.

Secure Access

Ensure kaitiaki and iwi staff are supported with effective systems and tools to meet their legal obligations and management responsibilities.

Realtime Tracking

Take away the manual tasks of collecting and recording your fisheries data.

Inventory Management

Enables kaitiaki and coodinators to manage their pātaka inventory, with live data, transferring and stock taking ability.

Reporting and Analysis

Create reports, analyse and display customary harvest information to kaitiaki, marae and Iwi.


Enable kaitiaki to work collectively in real time and manage fishing in a coordinated manner.