Te Ohu Kaimoana, Fisheries Inshore New Zealand and Southern Inshore Fisheries present to Iwi our Eastern Tarakihi Management Strategy and Rebuild Plan. Building on last year, this plan outlines the pathway to rebuilding and maintaining East Coast tarakihi. The contents of the rebuild plan is included in Fisheries New Zealand’s (FNZ) consultation document as an official option for consideration. FNZ is hosting regional tarakihi engagement hui in early July, for more information or to register, see further details below.


In 2018, in response to the east coast tarakihi stock assessment, the industry proposed to voluntarily reduce catches from 1 October of that year by 25% as well as a number of other measures to improve stock status. The Minister of Fisheries Hon Stuart Nash accepted our proposed reduction in catch but formalised it through a TACC cut while requesting that we continue with our other measures. In addition the Minister challenged the fishing industry to present him with an effective and robust management strategy for East Coast tarakihi.

How this will effect Iwi and the fishing industry

This year Fisheries New Zealand is proposing to cut the TACC by a further 31% or 35% across the East Coast (for further details on the options proposed, see the consultation document attached). Further significant cuts will unnecessarily impact industry jobs and the community. We are committed to the rebuild of the East Coast TAR fishery and the ongoing sustainable management of the fishery. The science says the fishery will recover at the current catches (limits set 2018).

Please click below to view the Executive Summary and Rebuild Plan.

Fisheries New Zealand (FNZ) consultation meetings

FNZ is hosting the following regional tarakihi engagement hui in early July. To register your attendance, please do so at the links below.




Te Ohu Kaimoana would like to particularly thank the Tarakihi Settlement Working Group (TSWG) comprised of Nathan Reid (Moana New Zealand), Maru Samuels (Iwi Collective Partnership), Jonathan Dick (Ngāti Kahungunu), Bill Udy (Ngāi Tahu), for their guidance, advice and time.

If you have any pātai about the Eastern Tarakihi Management Strategy and Rebuild Plan, please contact Tamar Wells via phone (027-700-2321) or email: tamar.wells@teohu.maori.nz