9 Hakihea 2020








Some good news for all of us as 2020 comes to a close.

Since 2017, we have worked with iwi to improve our ability to allocate aquaculture settlement assets in some situations. In June 2018, we provided the Minister with a proposal to amend the Maori Commercial Aquaculture Claims Settlement Act 2004 (the Act) to provide Te Ohu Kaimoana (in its role as Trustee of the Maori Commercial Aquaculture Settlement Trust) with discretion to better enable the allocation and transfer of aquaculture settlement assets to Iwi Aquaculture Organisations. That proposal was supported by iwi during consultation at the start of this year, largely adopted by Minister Nash and introduced into Parliament in August.

Te Ohu Kaimoana is pleased to report that earlier today the Maori Commercial Aquaculture Claims Settlement Amendment Bill had its first reading in Parliament. It was supported by all parties and referred to the Māori Affairs Select Committee.  For more information, listen to the speeches available on Parliament TV.

While the timing for the next steps isn’t yet clear, we will continue to work with Iwi Aquaculture Organisations to support the progress of the Bill through Parliament.