Kaimoana exports expected to dive

30 Piripi 2020








Iwi Collective Partnership general manager Maru Samuels says that Māori business, particularly kaimoana, could expect to see sales suffer. This is largely due to the changes in exports to China.

A report released from Stats NZ demonstrated the value of Māori business, $741 million in 2019 up $46million from the year prior. Kaimoana made up almost half of all exports in 2019. These numbers are expected to fall significantly as COVID-19 has disrupted markets and international trade.

“We’re going from our best year to potentially our worst year. It’s definitely going to show at the end of this year,” he said. The impact from COVID will continue as outbreaks flare up in China and the pandemic rages across the globe.

However, the role Māori business fulfils as a food provider is likely to be a positive factor as this will always be an essential need.

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