29 January 2021








Some of the best conversations happen over a kapu  and pihikete 

In late 2019, we visited Kawhia to meet and talk with local fishers and kaitiaki. While we were there, we happened to have some awesome kōrero – about everything from traditional Māori fishing knowledge, Māori fishing rights under Te Tiriti, how fishers are portrayed in the media, the importance of relationships – the list goes on. We captured some of these moments on film and have created Kōrero ki Kawhia – a video series featuring voices and opinions from some those who are on the ground doing the mahi.  

Kōrero ki Kawhia is a series of 7 short videos that capture real conversations with real people who are living and breathing our guiding philosophy: Ko te  o Tangaroa kai ora ai tāua. They work intimately with their environment, provide kaimoana for the community and actively work to pass down traditional Māori fishing tikanga and knowledge.  

Anei te mihi ki a Taruke Thomson, Leon Lawrence, Ali Brooks, Ross Dockery me Alan Nicholson  o kōrero

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