Sealord keeping hoiho fed during lockdown

16 April 2020









Sealord has donated 1 tonne of fish to feed hoiho (yellow eyed penguin) at Wildlife Hospital Trust during lockdown.

The Trust’s usual suppliers were unable to meet the needs of hoiho at the hospital, so they approached Fisheries New Zealand who then put a call out to the industry to see who could help.

Doug Paulin, chief operating officer at Sealord, said the company was fortunate to have a supply of southern blue whiting, which suits the requirements of hoiho.

“We were really happy to support the penguins and the Wildlife Hospital, which does great work. We knew we had access to fish suitable for hoiho, so it was just a matter of making it happen. We’ve been supporting a number of causes and communities across New Zealand facing challenges due to COVID-19. It shows even animals are not immune to the impact,” he said.

Hoiho can only eat certain types of fish, ideally small, thin and whole. Jordana Whyte, the hospital trust manager, said that “the Sealord donation ticked all those boxes.”

The Wildlife Hospital is a veterinary facility, which has been operating throughout the lockdown, and is currently treating eight injured hoiho.