Whakatōhea realise 20 year effort for mussel farm

23 Hōngongoi 2020








Chariman of Whakatōhea Trust Board, Robert Edwards, spoke with RNZ about the story behind their 20 year effort to establish a mussel farm.

This open ocean mussel farm is now in operation 12 km off the coast of Ōpōtiki, thanks to the vision, perseverance and investment of Iwi leaders and the local community. In time, this will give back to the community. Already, the mussel farm employs 16 people, and a processing factory promises to employ more locals.

The farm is the first of its kind. But it is part of the burgeoning aquaculture industry which is tipped to grow to $3 billion over 15 years.

Listen to the full interview on RNZ here.