Our report for Q3 is now available

31 Hōngongoi 2020








The third quarter was different from most, as level 4 and level 3 lockdown changed both the way we worked and priorities of our work. In this report, we share the highlights and focus from the quarter – supporting Iwi in their COVID responses, and continuing engagement work on important policy matters.

It’s no surprise that supporting Iwi access to fisheries was a key part of our work during  this  time. Staff  worked  with  the  Board  to  both  actively  support  the  efforts  of  Iwi  and  our  fishing  companies  to  provide kaimoana to the nation, Iwi, hapū and whānau. It also highlighted the importance of maintaining access to fisheries resources during such times, recognising the threats to this that come about from application of blunt policy tools that favour protection over sustainable use.

Scheduled policy work also continued. The  policy  team  provided  advice  on  behalf  of  Mandated  Iwi  Organisations  to  the  Minister  of  Fisheries  following  the  review  of  sustainability  measures  and  other  management  controls  for  the  2020/21 fishing year. The work involved high levels of engagement with MIOs throughout Aotearoa and with key staff from our fishing companies.

Another element in our policy work over the quarter was building  on  the  work  undertaken  in  the  second  quarter  with  officials  from  the  Natural  resource  Sector agencies. This work was focussed on providing advice to joint Ministers on the development of a public discussion document on the relative merit of Marine Protected Area policy.

For further information about our priorities and work in the quarter, read the Q3 report here.